About us

Conserving the Asian elephant for future generations

ElefantAsia, founded by Sébastien Duffillot and Gilles Maurer in 2001, is dedicated to the global conservation and protection of the endangered Asian elephant.

A registered non-profit, our organisation's journey commenced quite literally in early 2002 with an Elephant Caravan travelling the length of Laos. A total of 1,300km was covered by four elephants at a leisurely, yet determined pace. Our objective being to raise awareness to the plight of the Asian elephant whilst reigniting the local people's adoration for the iconic species, which plays an important role in their country's cultural and religious heritage.

Today, over a decade later, having initiated elephant conservation programmes, elephant breeding incentives, environmental awareness and economic sustainability campaigns we remain the leading experts in captive elephants in Laos and work steadily towards replication of our projects in other Asian elephant range countries.


Leading experts in captive elephants in Southeast Asia, co-founders of ElefantAsia Sébastien Duffillot and Gilles Maurer are well respected by conservationists, governmental officials and elephant owners alike. Both are fluent in Lao language, an obvious advantage when implementing grassroots projects in remote areas of Laos.

Sébastien Duffillot

Sébastien Duffillot has been living in Laos since 1996. He founded ElefantAsia with G. Maurer back in 2001 and has since then been fully committed to the cause of elephant conservation in Asia. He is happiest when found trekking in the jungle with the elephants or spending time surrounded by the elephants at the Conservation Center of Laos he co-founded. Sébastien is very much the creative arm of the organisation and is in his element when developing new projects or environmental awareness materials, in Laos and now in Myanmar.

Gilles Maurer

Gilles Maurer has spent more than a decade living and working in Laos dedicating this time to the conservation of the Asian elephant. Although Gilles recently returned to France with his family to concentrate on further study, he remains an active and valued member of ElefantAsia and is in constant contact with our team.

Together we can help elephants in need

Elephants are hard to ignore and impossible to forget, yet their very existence hangs in the balance.

Unless something is done to save the Asian elephant, this majestic creature could be extinct in a matter of decades. This fact is true. Luckily for the Asian elephant there are people like you that want to make a difference and there are plenty of ways in which you can help. Here is a few ideas to get you started:

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