Land of a Million Elephants

TV documentary by Carly Maple (under production)


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BBC2 - Tropic of Cancer

This TV documentary was broadcast on BBC2. It is about life along the Tropic of Cancer. In Laos, the team of Simon Reeves visited ElefantAsia in Hongsa, Sayaboury province. There, they discovered the elephant culture of Laos, the former 'Land of a Million Elephants'... English. 5'18.


TV report on ElefantAsia's actions on a French popular Sunday Evening News programme, Channel 1. Featuring the Elephant Festival, Vet Care Clinic and the impact of logging on Laos elephant population. French. 17'44.

titleARTE - Les Nouveaux Paradis

An overview of elephant life in Laos...The film takes you along the forgotten tracks of Laos, where mahouts and elephants are facing the challenges of modernity... French. 12'17.

humanimaTV5 - Mémoires d'Eléphants

An in-depth presentation of the elephant lore of Laos and the life conditions of Lao mahouts and their charges. The film presents the work of ElefantAsia and raises crucial questions about the future of this ancient bond that has been linking Man and Elephants for times immemorial. French. 25'34.

logo arte smallARTE/TSR - Les Expéditions d'ARTE

This popular Swiss TV programme depicts the experience of Sarah, a young Swiss student, who is travelling to Laos for the first time... There, she meets the elephant, a national emblem on the brink of extinction. Sarah joins an elephant caravan across forests and rice fields up  to the Mekong river...  French. 28'14.

mission sauvageNT1 - Mission Sauvage

This TV documentary was broadcast in France on Cable TV NT1. French pop star Hélène Ségara meets with ElefantAsia in the lush forests of Hongsa for a week long trip across jungles and elephant camps... French. 21'55.


sauver elephants

TV5 - Protéger les éléphant

A short video clip about the role elephants play in their own ecosystem. Produced for TV5 Canada web TV. French. 1'30.

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