Sébastien Duffillot

Sébastien Duffillot has been living in Laos since 1996. He founded ElefantAsia with G. Maurer back in 2001 and has since then been fully committed to the cause of elephant conservation in Asia. He is happiest when found trekking in the jungle with the elephants or spending time surrounded by the elephants at the Conservation Center of Laos he co-founded. Sébastien is very much the creative arm of the organisation and is in his element when developing new projects or environmental awareness materials, in Laos and now in Myanmar.

Gilles Maurer

Gilles Maurer has spent more than a decade living and working in Laos dedicating this time to the conservation of the Asian elephant. Although Gilles recently returned to France with his family to concentrate on further study, he remains an active and valued member of ElefantAsia and is in constant contact with our team.

Norin Chai

Born in Phnom Penh July 16, 1969, from a decimated by the Khmer Rouge family, Norin Chai arrived in France at the age of four with an early vocation of becoming a veterinarian and care of wild animals. Graduate of the prestigious National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort in 1994, he led the Manda National Park in Chad at only 26 before being appointed Deputy Director of The Haute Touche Park in France. Norin is Chief Veterinary Officer of the French National Museum of Natural History's zoo since 2002. Norin Chai conducts scientific research at international levels and is President of ElefantAsia.

Michel Rosse

Michel Rosse is ElefantAsia's Treasurer. Former Associate in a leading Financial Management corporation in France, Michel has been brought into the ElefantAsia project thanks to his two daughters, artists Caroline and Agnes, who were part of the Elephant Caravan. Michel married his wife in Laos back in the 70's and has since kept an interest in the country's development and elephants. Michel has accompanied ElefantAsia in its development by reinforcing its financial and administrative organisation.

Jérôme Lassausaie

Dr Jérôme Lassausaie is a French veterinarian who has collaborated with ElefantAsia since 2011. He spent many months in rural Laos, undertaking emergency and field missions, contributing also to the start of elephant hospital based in Sayaboury. Today, Jerome is back in France where he continues support ElefantAsia's management and scientific projects.

Bertrand Bouchard

Although originating from a long descent of wine makers, Bertrand Bouchard exchanged grapes for large wild mammals graduating as a veterinarian specialising in conservation medicine. He commenced work with ElefantAsia in 2008 spending three years in the field caring for elephants and training mahouts with his Lao colleagues. Currently working at the French Research National Center, Bertrand still supports our veterinary work as a member of our Board of Directors. He also supervises applied research on elephant infectious diseases (herpes virus, tuberculosis,...), welfare, genetics and reproduction... and moonlights as a vintner on the side!

Emmanuelle Chave

Emmanuelle Chave is ElefantAsia's latest recruit. Graduated from the Toulouse Veterinary School, Emmanuelle is the organisation's Head Veterinarian. Based at the Elephant Conservation Center, Emmanuelle together with Vatsana Chanthavong runs the mobile veterinary clinics operations in cooperation with the Lao Department of Livestock while managing the Elephant Hospital in the Sayaboury province.

Ingrid Suter

Dr Ingrid Suter has a doctorate in Animal Conservation, specialising in Lao captive elephant management. Working with ElefantAsia since 2008, Ingrid aims to enhance global knowledge of Lao elephants by publishing primary research and critical insight into this valuable population. Results can then be used to enhance the conservation and reproduction efforts undertaken by the ElefantAsia team.

Tracy Brookshaw

Tracy has been our Communications Officer since 2010. She is most commonly found in the office putting her writing skills to good use to promote and fund our conservation activities. With an environmental education background, Tracy is happiest when delivering storybooks to rural Lao schoolchildren with retired logging elephants with our Elephant Mobile Library project (or when receiving positive news from a donor).

Vatsana Chanthavong

Vatsana has been our Animal Technician since the beginning of 2008. Fluent in Lao, French and English, she is the intermediary between mahouts and ElefantAsia. She possesses exceptional communication and liaison skills and is vital in the maintenance of existing working relationships. Her responsibilities include pre-planning all field missions; on site elephant health checks; medical and field mission reports; mahout and official training.

Hélène Locheron

Hélène has joined ElefantAsia in 2013 as a benevolent secretary in charge of liaising with new members and elephant sponsors. Hélène has a passion for elephants and kindly offered her services to our NGO supporting our development through her dedication and administrative skills. Hélène is also the proud sponsor of female elephant Mae Ven since 2012!

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