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ID-books for Lao elephants !

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District of Livestock and Fishery, from the Lao Ministry of Agriculture, in Partenership with ElefantAsia provide ID books for all Lao elephants ! 

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id book ThongKhoun

The elephant ID Book is now compulsory for all domesticated elephants in Lao PDR and is issued for the lifetime of the elephant. The Elephant ID Book is a legal document certifying the identity of an individual domestic elephant through the following unique features:

  • The Name of the Elephant
  • Photograph (of the left side of the elephant)
  • Unique Microchip Number
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Physical Description of Identifying Features
  • Birth Place
  • Parental Details (if known)
  • Name and Contact Details for the Reference Owner

It will allow ElefantAsia and the Lao government to register, monitor and protect the current population and avoid illegal trading and exportation. 

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